Professional Job Execution

“Brad Powell and his entire team of craftsmen completed my new home in the fall of 2007, meeting all of my expectations and specifications for my rustic mountain retreat. Given my working career’s background, Brad’s level of detail and professionalism was a must for my project.

I spent the majority of my working career with Grumman Aerospace Company. In the early 60’s, I was assigned to the Apollo Moon program as the Quality Supervisor for the Lunar Lander by NASA. In 1966 I was transferred to the Kennedy Space Center, FL and supervised an 85-125 member quality control team. During the next ten years our team placed 12 men on the moon and returned them all, safely to earth. After this experience I was appointed as Director of Quality Control and Safety for Flight Operations with Grumman and worked in this capacity for another 17 years, and totaled 42 years with the company. Being knowledgeable about teamwork, I was very pleased with Brad’s network and their professional job execution on my project.

I would recommend Brad Powell and his team to anyone that is considering commencing any construction project.”

–  Danny Strauss, Florida