Our Concerns Vanished

“The Powell Group’s custom designs provided the foundation of our plan, but Brad was very willing to work with us through customized features that really made the design match perfectly with our needs. Before construction began, we had concerns that issues would come up which we would not be able to decide because of being located in Florida while the house was being built in North Carolina. Our concerns vanished after our first call with the Powell Group. The professionalism of Brad and his whole staff gave us confidence that we could rely on the Powell Group to deliver what they had promised. The integrity of the Powell Group and the quality of their work is probably what stands out most about our experience in building a log home. No short cuts were taken, no false promises were made, and the quality was superior to anything we imagined. Brad and his staff were always friendly and very knowledgeable about all aspects of design and construction. We would highly recommend the Powell Group to anyone considering building a home.”

– Mike & Paula Brattin, Illinois