It just couldn’t have turned out better!

We just wanted to let you know once again how pleased and excited we are about our new log home. Having The Powell Group recently convert our basement into a family/entertainment room, wine cellar/bar and study has put the icing on the cake. It just couldn’t have turned out better!

Looking back, we can’t believe that it’s been nearly two years since we moved to Western North Carolina. But, every day feels like the first because you helped us build our dream home.

Having a custom log home built was a completely new experience – an experience that we had from nearly 700 miles away in New Jersey. But you made us feel very comfortable and confident that this was not going to be a difficult or stressful process. In fact, we only visited the building site twice during the entire construction period. We actually didn’t feel that more visits were necessary because your frequent phone calls, email messages and many photographs always kept us informed and up-to-date, and made us feel as though we were there almost every day.

Since that time, we have had many friends and family visit. No matter who it is, the reaction is always the same – “you have a beautiful log home!” Those that are familiar with the area will often ask “who was your builder?” and when we say The Powell Group the replay is “they’re the best!” It’s also a wonderful feeling knowing that even children can appreciate a great home when they see one. When our grandson came to stay with us for the first time, he burst through the front door, ran into every room and out the back door, then turned around and looked up at the house and yelled “THIS IS AWESOME!!” We couldn’t agree more!

What’s really awesome is that, while there are others that can construct a log home, those working for The Powell Group are true craftsman. Everyone takes great pride in the quality of their work and always strives for the highest level of perfection. That pride and perfection was just as evident among all those that converted our basement into additional living space.

We just can’t thank you and The Powell Group enough for helping to make our dream come true!

– Rich and Darlene Matzer, New Jersey