Building & Process

As every home The Powell Group builds is custom, so is every client’s experience with The Powell Group. Each client’s experience is molded to match their personalities, preferences, and tastes.  After all, the custom home industry should be service based and client centric.  To help explain what your experience may be like, we’ve expounded upon our typical building process below.

Initial Visit and Site Visit

Meeting in person gives us the opportunity not only to place a face with a name, but it affords us the opportunity to listen.  After hearing about your dream, we can then consult with you on your project, home site, and design criteria.

Design and Estimate

After we’ve gotten to know one another and we understand your basic concept, we’ll begin creating preliminary drawings.  The preliminary drawings are 2D and include basic floor plans and exterior elevations.

During the design phase, building materials and interior finishes will be introduced.  There are a myriad of materials and finishes that can be used within a home and they have a direct correlation to the cost of the home.  Once your concept has been defined and a preliminary design developed, a construction cost estimate can be created.

Final Drawings and Contract

When the preliminary plans are finalized, our in-house design department will create a full set of construction drawings.  We’ll also generate the construction contract and coinciding list of materials.


Over the years, The Powell Group has been able to orchestrate a great management team.  With exacting attention to detail, our management team is able to oversee every project with the client’s best interest in mind.  Our reputation for honesty and quality has extended beyond our office walls and into our subcontractors, vendors, and craftsmen in the trade.

Good communication is an absolute necessity in construction and our propensity for communication carries over to our relationship with every client.  Throughout the entire construction process, we regularly update clients with phone calls, emails, and photos.

Finish Schedule

The Powell Group creates a custom finish schedule for each client’s home.  The finish schedule covers everything from floor finishes and wall coverings to plumbing and light fixtures.  It is intended to aide and guide clients in selecting all the custom finishes within their home.

Walk Through

When a project is completed, our management team will spend time walking you through your home.  We’ll discuss operating instructions and help familiarize you with your home’s operating systems.